Neighbor Disputes & Civil Harassment

Our office represents clients in all aspects of civil harassment restraining orders, including obtaining temporary restraining orders (“TROs”) and permanent restraining orders. We assist clients with obtaining the protection of a restraining order, and with defending against frivolous restraining orders sought to harass our clients.

What is a civil harassment restraining order (CHRO)?

A CHRO is a restraining order that can stop a person from contacting and / or being near the protected party. It can also require the restrained person to move out, and to have only peaceful contact. Like a domestic violence restraining order, a CHRO prevents the restrained party from owning or possessing firearms.

Case Examples:

  • Successfully resolved neighbor dispute over noise ordinance violations in Placer County
  • Advocated for rural landowners against proposed marijuana cultivation in Glenn and Tehama Counties
  • Defended against numerous restraining orders brought by disgruntled tenants and neighbors against our clients
  • Obtained attorneys’ fees award in defending against restraining order sought to harass tenant