Trial Representation

Attorney Christina Cortino has successfully represented clients at trial in family court, including:

  • Obtaining domestic violence restraining orders (DVROs)
  • Disputed Family Court Services (FCS) mediation recommendations
  • Opposing move-away requests
  • Defense of DVROs
  • Contested child custody and visitation issues
  • Property disputes and business valuation issues for self-employed litigants

Family law trials present a unique challenge to clients and their attorneys because they are often set only 30-120 days in the future, which makes discovering evidence and planning for trial difficult.

Attorney Christina Cortino knows how to organize information, rapidly propound necessary discovery, and prepare her clients for trial even on tight timeframes. She is quick to think on her feet, and skilled at making evidentiary objections during trial to keep prejudicial and irrelevant evidence from being considered by the court.