Civil Harassment Restraining Order Defense

Our firm defends persons accused of harassment against civil harassment restraining orders (“CHROs”). Clients can end up in court fighting a CHRO for a number of reasons. They are often filed by a disgruntled neighbor, relative’s ex, or other person alleging harassment. Our firm focuses on civil harassment restraining order defense. We handle all aspects of restraining order defense.

Unlike a domestic violence restraining order, a CHRO does not require any special relationship between the parties. Some of my clients do not even know the petitioner well at all.  We represent landlords, neighbors, business owners, and other individuals in defense of CHROs.

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Who files frivolous CHROs?

  • Disgruntled tenants
  • Angry neighbors
  • Former friends
  • Unhappy customers

How to Defend Your Case

Civil harassment restraining order defense is critical to a client’s case.  A CHRO hurts your constitutional rights and prevents you from possessing a firearm for any purpose. The impact to your life, livelihood and reputation are serious. The best first step is to retain a lawyer experienced in defending against CHROs to aggressively defend your case in court.

A respondent has the right to one continuance of the initial hearing to fully prepare for the proceeding and to have the opportunity to hire a lawyer. We generally recommend that clients exercise their right to a continuance. Due to the short nature of the temporary order, the hearing takes place less than a month after the action is filed. This means the time for responding to the order is minimal.

We help clients file a robust response to the allegations. We help explain half-truths and showing the court the entire picture of the dispute. For example, it may be true that a business barred a customer from returning. It may also be true that the customer had attacked an employee which was the reason for the ban.

Due to the volume of CHROs filed every day, judges have a very short opportunity to review them before deciding the case. Having a lawyer helps ensure that your side of the storey is explained, and that the most important relevant facts in your defense are presented.

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