Announcing New Family Law Seminar Series

Cortino Law Office is excited to announce our new seminar series on family law. Whether you are a client of ours, considering hiring counsel, or navigating family court self-represented, these seminars covers the information and tools you need to succeed in your case.

Our first seminar topic is Protecting Your Rights: Defending Against Domestic Violence Restraining Orders (DVROs). Unlike a criminal proceeding, there is no right to an attorney if a client is facing a civil domestic violence restraining order. If a DVRO is granted, your constitutional rights are impacted, including your rights to free speech and firearm ownership. The consequences for your employment and family structure can be dire.

Attorney Christina Cortino will present:

  • Tips on responding to the DVRO petition;
  • What to expect in court at your first hearing;
  • How to be the most  persuasive version of yourself in court;
  • Issues related to pending criminal prosecution;
  • Objecting to evidence;
  • Strategies to resolve; and
  • How child custody and visitation is affected by domestic violence allegations.

Save the Date: Winter 2016, TBD. Email us to join our mailing list.